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We started as a meetup and we have seen a lot of interest in crypto and blockchain teach in the valley. Whether you are a technologist, investor, entrepreneur or just interested in crypto we welcome you to our group.

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Next Meetup:

Jan 23rd, 2018
6:30PM Brewery TBA

Agenda: We’ll network, enjoy some beer and learn about some cool ico’s and projects that are going on. Please feel free to bring a friend. We are working on the venue and a discount of some type. We are also looking at helping these venues accept crypto as payment too.



Want to buy/sell/trade crypto? Then you need to be on an exchange. These are the main players. There are over 100 exchanges. Most are garbage or restricted to certain regions. You can store your coin here but be careful. Exchanges can be hacked so don’t invest money you aren’t able to lose.

  • GDAX / Coinbase: This is where you can buy/sell/trade bitcoins/ethereum and litecoin. You’ll want to set up an account here. It can take a few days to get verified and setup. Their trading platform is called GDAX.
  • Kraken: Want to trade more than just Bitcoin, Eth and litecoin? Kraken is a US Based exchange and has a lot of currency pairs. The site gets hammered a lot but uses Cryptowat.ch’s trading platform so it’s pretty robust.
  • Bittrex: This is the exchange I use for very rare or small coins. They have hundreds of coins and it works well.
  • Binance: This is another smaller exchange that covers a lot of Alt-coins. It has a lot of coins and I use this for my ico’s and other alt-coins.


Whatever you do never trust online wallets. They get hacked all the time and there are a lot of fraud and fake wallet sites on the internet. Googling Crypto Wallet is a bad idea. These are two wallets that can deal with 99% of the coins you will ever own or want to own. You can also keep your coins on the exchanges but they can be and have been hacked so if you want 100% security then don’t get into crypto. For 99.9% use these links below:

  • Jaxx Wallet: I use this wallet for most of my coins when they are not on an exchange. Just be sure to write down your backup phrase. You can recover your wallet completely in case of a hard drive crash.
  • Ledger S Hardware Wallet: This is a thumb drive option for having your wallet with you. It also has recovery words so if it dies or is lost you can order a new one and recover your funds.


These are sites that are useful for Crypto enthusiasts. If you find something useful let us know.

  • Cryptowat.ch: This is the gold standard for crypto trading screens. You can use the free version or pay $15/month to link it to your trading platform and make trades through it. This interface has a lot more data and historical information than most of the exchanges. I use the paid version for my trades with GDAX because GDAX can go down during heavy use but this platform can trade through the backend api so you aren’t missing the action.
  • CoinMarketCap: This is the site everyone goes to for data about the coins values. Market cap isn’t really the appropriate word for crypto but it has caught on and we’re stuck with it.
  • LiveCoinWatch: This is a beta project by a reddit user. I actually like this tool and use it daily. I expect once it gets popular it’ll crash a lot and be useless but until then enjoy!

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